MILANO ( – The Board of Directors of Casta Diva Group has appointed Andrea De Micheli as Chairman of the company, Luca Oddo as Chief Executive Officer and co-opted Francesco Merone as the General Manager. Andrea De Micheli, in his new role, will deal with the management of institutional relations and to follow the new business line mainly in the high tech and movie fields. Luca Oddo, as Group CEO, will focus on strengthening the international network, with a particular focus on China and the Middle East, as well as consolidating new integrated communication models to respond to the different demands of the main players in the advertising market. “This division of the delegations is more functional to our personnel characteristics – say the founders of the group De Micheli and Oddo – and will allow us to contribute even more effectively to the pursuit of company objectives. The decision for co-opted director and General Manager of Francesco Merone, who also maintains the role of Chief Financial Officer, was also considered an important step that will bring great organisational benefits throughout the network.