MILAN ( – Casta Diva Group has concluded an agreement with Class Cnbc with the launch of the new Casta Diva Forums brand, which provides for the airing of 40 shorts on blockchain and the best ICO’s, for a total of 240 replicas. The programs will be carried out on Nasdaq in New York and during the forums organised by the company. It will consist of an educational part on the blockchain applications and one of interviews with Casta Diva Forums’ client CEO’s who will present their companies and ICO’s to investors. The interviews will be broadcast initially on the CNBC Italy Class channel and then on the CDF Web Blockchain Channel. The management of Casta Diva Group is busy with its subsidiaries to expand its distribution also in the countries where it is present, such as China, India, South Africa. “The Casta Diva Forums project is in line with the 2017-2019 business plan, which envisaged the search for new innovative business lines, consistent or complementary with existing ones, but with a greater marginality than the market average – explain Andrea De Micheli and Luca Oddo, Chief Executive Officer and President of Casta Diva Group – In this case we expect CDF growth in line with the strategy, which is also confirmed by the immediate start of two roadshows. These will shortly be held in ten European and Asian financial capital institutions, the first forum will be organised in June in Zug (Switzerland) and in New York, in addition to the cited agreement with Class CNBC”.