MILANO ( – Capital For Progress 2 has found its target company: Abk Group Industrie Ceramiche, a company active in the porcelain stoneware and furniture surfaces, founded in 1992, which exports over two thirds of production. The company from Finale Emilia (Modena) closed 2017 with 115.4 million euros of value of production (+ 11% from 2016), 18.7 of ebitda (+ 28% from 2016, with a 16% margin) and 12.6 million net profit, almost double compared to 6.8 a year earlier. The net financial debt in December 2017 was 8.1 million. One third of CFP2’s resources will be dedicated to the purchase of shares by the current shareholders of ABK, based on the company’s equity value of € 124 million, while the remaining liquidity will be used for development, both for internal and external lines. In the absence of recessions, the three current shareholders of ABK will maintain a 61.3% stake after the merger.