MILAN ( – Notorious Pictures and the Belgian ‘Tarantula’ will work together for ‘The Shift’, an international agreement for the production of the film on the theme of terrorism. The total budget for the co-production amounts to about 3.7 million euros, of which 60% will be referable to Notorious Pictures and 40% to Tarantula. The share held by Notorious Pictures will benefit from the new Franceschini law and Regione Lazio has been asked to contribute to the international co-production. “Our direction towards international co-productions, which is now strategic for our business model, is continuing successfully – says Guglielmo Marchetti, Notorious Pictures President and CEO – and it is allowing us to strengthen our positioning and at the same time to enlarge our offer. We have recognised in Tarantula the ideal partner for a strategic collaboration based on a common vision of the project, on shared trust in its cinematographic and commercial potential and on the willingness to collaborate at all levels for the production and artistic success of ‘The Shift’, which will be entirely set in Brussels”.